Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Denim Decorated Organizing Boxes

Life has been a bit busy here lately. I had hoped to post a bunch of denim things that I had made today but I just haven't had time. Nor have I had time to get all the projects done that I had hoped so I have decided to extend my "Denim Days" for the month of February too. I had some other ideas of a fun theme but decided that looking at how much time I had available it would make more sense to continue to work on my denim projects for now (I also want to do some heavy cleaning this month) and then start on a new theme in March.
I do have  a project to share though (and perhaps I will get more blogged about today- we shall see)... It is some boxes that I like to use to store things liked scrap paper, coloring books, craft books and things like that. The ones that I just made with the denim decorations are for the boys. Their desks needed some organizational attention and they thought these would work well. Aaron is planning on using his for Paper things but it sounds like toy guns (that he made) are going in Jonathan's. I was told to label it "Firearms".
To make them I used:

~Empty dry milk boxes (cereal boxes would work too.)
~Denim strips and trim from an old pair of jeans
~ Old maps from an atlas
~A hot glue gun and scissors.
After cutting the box to shape I covered each big side with a map. I also cut out a square for the label in the front and glued it on.

Then I added jeans strips on the corners and around all the edges. I glued all of those in place. This adds a lot of stability to the box and they last for a surprisingly long time! 

 This is the finished product. We are all happy with how they turned out and the boys are busy putting them to work now.


JoannaTopazT said...

It sounds like your boys have been reading those organizing experts who suggest you label everything. "Firearms" is pretty specific. :)
The boxes look nice, and I'm sure they will be appreciated and used!

Melissa said...

I like the combination of map paper and denim - I use a lot of map paper too.


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