Saturday, January 21, 2012

Our kids and politics

Ready to walk in a parade in 2010
Last night at supper we got started visiting about politics (which isn't uncommon in our family as we enjoy our politics) when Aaron decided maybe we should conduct or own little presidential straw poll right then at supper. The rest of us thought that sounded fun so I told everybody to think of who they wanted and then we would say.

  Meanwhile Megan starts chanting "Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Ron Paul!" The rest of us were saying "Shh!" (as everybody was supposed to make a decision before anybody said anything) but she wasn't to be deterred. I figured she was a pretty typical Ron Paul supporter - young (I think 5 years old qualifies as young), passionate and not to concerned about following the normal actions/rules.

 Later Megan explained "I don't have to think, I just say Ron Paul!"

When everybody had voted and the votes were tallied every candidate had gotten at least one vote but there was a winner. Any guesses on who it was?

 Some times it can rather humorous to hear a kids' take on politics!
 We do think Megan has made progress with her political position- a couple of years ago she gave a little speech (Ken had asked for the kids to give speeches - just in case they would be asked to you know- as we were headed to an event) and it was on how she liked Obama because he gave us money for roads and stuff.  Her opinion of Obama has changed now however and she seems to be an ardent Ron Paul supporter.


Benjamin said...

Funny. We have a home video of us kids taken the summer before the Presidential race between George Bush and Bill Clinton. We were all covered in George Bush buttons, and marching around our yard holding George Bush signs. I had just turned two and really didn't know what was going on back then, but my mom was able to get the proper response from me when she asked if I was voting for Bush or Pinocchio.

It makes me laugh to think about what a democrat would say if they saw the tape. They would probably say it was a classic case of brain washing young children.

Amanda said...

I love it! I'm my county coordinator for the RP campaign, so my kids are surrounded by politics (sorry kids!) 2 of them love RP, one isn't so sure, she's taking her time. One of the reasons youngsters like RP is that he is thinking about their future, not his own.

Anna said...

So who was your winner? I am guessing Santorum.
In our house it would have been Ron Paul if we had a straw poll, I think.

Neal said...

Hello Abbi!
This is the first time I have read your blog. I do like that you have given your kids the chance to think for themselves and take the time to present why they think their "candidate" would be the best to represent them on a national level. I also enjoyed that you didn't reveal the "winner" because the participation in the discussion is the most important.
I found your blog because I read/meditate on the chapter of Proverbs that coincides with the date. I am sure I will be looking in your blog from time to time. Thank you for taking the time to share and post your thoughts!

Abbi said...

Thanks all of you for stopping by and commenting in. It is fun to hear about the politics in your lives too.

As far as the winner... it was Mitt Romney. So far that is who Ken and I are going for and Jonathan also voted for him.


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