Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Fixing up things in our bathroom

 Not long ago we had a bunch of company coming and I thought before they came it would be fun to figure out ways to fix up our bathroom a little better. In my fixing up I wanted to do it using things that we already had and not buying anything. I had fun with this project to I thought I would share about it on here.

One of the issues I really wanted to deal with was our towels. Most of them we have had our whole married life (and some from beyond that) and so they are a bit old but they still work just fine. I really didn't want to replace them as I don't like throwing out things that still work, I just wanted to figure out ways for them to look nicer.

  So I took out all our towels and I cut off hanging strings, I hemmed up some areas that had come undone, I worked to whiten some (which didn't go as well as I would have liked - I don't think I will ever buy white towels again) and then I had fun adding decorative touches that went along with my Daisy themed bathroom.

I added rick rack to some, fabric strips to others and then just some decorative stitching to others. It wasn't a big deal at all but I found it fun, and in my opinion it helped make things look a little more beautiful. 

And in the case of the one above I covered up the Christmas décor with white and yellow check that matched our bathroom.

I also took a towel or so that had to many problems (like holes) and I cut it up into washcloths. Those I finished of by zig-zagging around the edge.
I also decided to turn my little shelf into an apothecary shelf. I had recently stocked up on more medicinal herbs and didn't have a good place to keep them so I put them on this shelf along with some of my essential oils.
I think the Salsa jars that we get have a neat shape so I put the herbs in them, put a yellow label on them and then I painted the lids green. I am enjoying the look.

Another improvement I made was to make a new shower curtain. Our old one had served us well for years but it had a couple of tears in it (below).  I was blessed to have some fabric on hand (It came from my Grandma's fabric stash) that was rather slick and would work well as a shower curtain.

 I hemmed it up all around and then put in "buttonholes" on the top to slip my shower curtain rings through. I like having a fabric shower curtain now because it will wash easier than the old plastic curtain and it should last for a long time.

   For me this project of fixing up my bathroom was very fun. I was able to use things I have and make things a little prettier and a little better.

 Do you enjoy fixing things up? What have you been working on lately?


Greg and Donna said...

I really like the fabric shower curtain. I was just looking at ours upstairs this morning and thinking we needed a new one! Maybe I will get brave and make one!

Rachel E. said...

Very cute! I think with me, just as long as a bathroom looks neat and presentable it looks nice. You did a great job. We've been here in our house for almost a year and I haven't done anything with most of my bathrooms. We have four. Ugh! :)

Becky said...

WOW ~ it looks great!

We like to try to use things up instead of buying too - our work lately has been in the kitchen. With making changes in the way we eat & cook to healthier ways, it has presented some need for change in our kitchen storage / supplies / cookware / equipment, etc. So, it's been a fun challenge to rearrange and re-do creatively for free!

Thanks for sharing :)

Travis said...

I noticed and enjoyed your apothecary shlef when we were there on Sunday. I thought it looked really nice and was fun to read the labels.

Anonymous said...

Lovely. I love blog posts where people fix up with things they have soooooo much better than ones where everything is purchased new!

Anonymous said...

Hi Abbi!
Nicely done! The new curtain really makes the room seem bigger and brighter. I also loved your idea to add trims to your towels. I have several towels which are still servicable but have oddly placed holes. Trim to the rescue! (Thanks!)

If your "white" towels are really looking dingy, perhaps dye them? I haven't tried it, but I've considered it for my own less-than-white towels (which I will also
never buy again!!!).


Melissa said...

I've been fixing up things too. Some things are things we've had and some are things I've made in the past - like our medicine box / bread box in the kitchen - I had made it and felt like it needed a few more coats of sealant and I recently got my act together and emptied it out and left the stuff out on the counter for a few days (which is hard for me as it looks so messy) and added some more clear coat - now I know it will be easier to clean up and I worry less about getting it to wet when I am wiping it clean... :)


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