Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Really Listening to My Husband

 Something I have been feeling convicted about this week is the need to really listen to/pay attention to my husband. My husband isn't the type to talk much (He can at times but much of the time he isn't much of a talker) and I am so it is easy for me when we sit down to a meal or spend time together to let my tongue go flippity flop and tell him all about my day and what I think and meanwhile I learn very little about his day. I know some of the time he prefers that as he is tired and enjoys hearing about what we do and for him talking takes more energy than it does for me but still I want to work and quieting myself a little and try to listen to him a little more.

  Mostly my goal in this is to be less self absorbed and instead to be more absorbed in the life of my husband. Sometimes it won't really be listening but instead simply observing him and noticing what is important to him, what he likes and also look for ways that I can be of assistance.

  Are there any others out there that need to work on this too? Or do you have any hints for making these goals work out in real life? I would love to hear your thoughts on this!


angie said...

I just got off of a phone call with my husband before reading your post. And my hubby sounds a lot like yours. So I talked for most of the conversation, then he needed to go to a meeting. I need to be better about condensing my ramblings and asking him intentional questions. Good reminder; thank you.

Anonymous said...

I make it a point to ask about his day before I mention mine. Also, I make sure I give him my full attention and not get distracted by the t.v. or computer. I always look him in the eye, and I also always try to make a positive comment. My husband has never been a big talker but since I have been more patient in listening to him and more attentative, I have noticed that he talks a lot more.


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