Sunday, March 24, 2013

Reflections of the Week

  I realized that I have been writing a lot more posts lately with lots of words and not a lot of pictures so I thought it would be fun (just because this is kind of a journal for me and because pictures are fun) to have a post that just has a bunch of pictures of life here. Here is some of the action around here this past week.

I had silk flowers to do for a wedding (usually I do fresh flowers which I prefer but occasionally I work with silk) and Megan had fun modeling them.
 Gymnastics around here. Aaron above and Megan below.

 I had fun making a Panamanian meal on Thursday since we had been studying Panama. Empanadas was the main course and I fried extra dough and sprinkled it with cinnamon and sugar for dessert. We made a yummy slushy drink with frozen raspberries.
 Jonathan writing a letter.
 I love hearing Mara practice.
 Baby goats are arriving at my parents farm and we had fun going out to visit there.

 Megan can spend hours in the goat pen.
 On Friday night Ken, Jonathan and I went skiing - the rest choose to play with baby goats instead. It was a beautiful day for skiing.
 Mom had a pretty fun carton of eggs of all sizes.
 Megan sewing a birthday present for Grandpa.
 My sister Keren testing out their piano after my brother-in-law Travis tuned it. This is now the second piano he has tuned (he found a free computer program to help him) and he did a good job.
 My sister Anna and her family came up to visit for the weekend and the cousins had fun playing together. They love being together.
 Saturday was Dad's birthday and Margaret (my niece) wrote a song that she played and sang for him.
Megan and Beatrice made him some gifts. I made a hat fun him that he is wearing. That was a fun project - he wears short billed welders hats all the time while he works and I am figuring out how to make them so he doesn't have to buy them anymore.

 God has blessed us with a wonderful week and to Him we say "Thank you!"


Rachel E. said...

You had a great week of memories. How wonderful. I document my blog with pictures like this. It's fun. It also makes it easy because the photos are in order and all you have to do is click them and write about them. :)

Melissa said...

Be still my beating heart - I love goats we raised them and milked them when I was a kid (loved the yogurt my parents used to make from goat's milk).

Abbi said...

Melissa, I love making yogurt from goat's milk as well - in fact I enjoyed eating some this morning. I am glad you enjoyed the goat pictures.


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