Thursday, March 7, 2013

Organized Writing Supplies

 I have heard many times people make an excuse for never sending a letter and usually it had something to do with once they had written it then they couldn't find and envelope or the address or the stamp and so I never received the letter. That has never really been an issue in my life as my Mom kept all those essential things neatly on top of the fridge (that is her "office" area of sorts) and then I was given a handy stationary folder for my high school graduation and I have kept everything organized in that since I left home.

  Since that does seem to be an organization issue in some homes I thought I would share my very simple tips in hopes that it might help somebody.
Basically to be able to efficiently send off a letter (or a bill) it is a good idea to keep all the items you will need in the same location. Whether it is a neat spot on your desk, in a special folder that you keep in a certain place on a shelf (that has worked well for us) or on top of your fridge, make everything have a certain place where it belongs and always keep it there.

  You will need: Paper (stationary and cards are fun "paper"), Envelopes (We like to get fancy and make our own most the time and I actually have little totes to keep all our cards and envelopes in and they "live" nearby the stationary folder), Stamps, A Pen, Addresses and Address labels.

 For our address book we write addresses and phone numbers in pencil so that if they change we can just erase it and write in the update.

 It has been very helpful to us to have a consistent place to keep our letter writing supplies and so we don't have any excuses besides lack of time for not getting letters sent.

How do you keep organized in this area?

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