Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A bag for April (About the simplest bag you can make)

I made a bag to "wrap" the birthday present for my niece yesterday. It is one that will also work nicely for her to use as a book bag or whatever else she likes. This type of bag is extremely simple to make. I will show you a quick pictorial tutorial.

First cut out a rectangle from fabric that is around 2 times as long as it is wide. I had been given a bunch of these that were already cut out and ready to make into bags. The lady they came from had cut the rectangle out of a cotton print and a heavy piece of upholstery fabric and then she had also sewed a little pocket  on it the size to fit a library card. That step of course is not needed. 
 Cut out some ribbon (or make handles out of something else) and sew them on as shown on each end. (Far enough from the end so that you can still hem it.)
 Put the right sides together and sew the side seams.
 Fold down the bottom corner as shown and sew across it and then cut off the corner. This allows you to have a flat bottom on your bag.
 Turn the bag right side out and sew a hem around the top.

That is it - you are now done! Very simply and easy. You can use bags like these for groceries, books, knitting, really whatever you want!



Nancy McCarroll said...

Thanks, Abbi. I am going to make one, blog it and link back to you!! I just bought two fat quarters yesterday to make a bag, and then I read your tutorial!! Great timing!

Greg and Donna said...

Cute bag! I love the bright fabric on the outside!

Thomasina Tittlemouse said...

What a lovely tutorial! Found you via Nancy's link and love your April bag - so simple, stylish and practical. Thank you for sharing! Elizabeth x


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