Thursday, April 4, 2013

Take the first step

One thing that I have found that sometimes holds me back from being organized in some areas is the fact that I feel overwhelmed by the situation.

   Something that I have found to help combat that problem in my life is to simply force myself to do something! Sometimes I will tell myself "I only have to work on this for 15 (or 30... whatever) minutes". And then I will set the timer and work on it for that long and then often when that amount of time is over I have found that organizing job actually to be kind of fun and I keep going or sometimes I will quit and then at some later time I will work on it for a while again.

Doing something helps us to make a little progress - we have taken the first step and the journey isn't so hard after that.

  I did that when I was working to get my e-mail inbox organized, I am currently working little by little through all of my digital pictures to organize them. When my office/crafting area needed a lot of organizing and felt very overwhelming I just tackled a drawer/shelf at a time and eventually it was so much better!

 To get something done you just need to take the first step!

Have you found this concept helpful in your life? Any organizing tips that you would like to share? I would love to hear them!


Greg and Donna said...

We did this with our sewing room earlier this year. It was a job but once finished ~ its so much easier to find things. Setting the timer is great for motivating kids to help also. They know that when the ding sounds, its ok to stop!

Becky said...

We've used the timer before ~ great suggestion! It was good motivation for the kiddos ... and their mama :) ha ha

I've been chugging through our inbox and have already deleted a bunch of old emails, moved a bunch into files and unsubscribed from a few e-newsletters and things I didn't even read anymore.

One thing I think of often when my mind gets to spinning on what to tackle next is a quote from Elizabeth Elliott when she says 'do the next thing'.

Thanks for the series on organizing ~ it's been a good nudge for me to get to it!


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