Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Delightful Day

 Today was a delightful day.

I can't say that it started that way, in fact I woke up with my head aching a little because of the atmospheric pressure. We also were feeling a little disappointed because we weren't down in the cities as had been planned because Aaron and Ken had gotten sick on Thursday and Ken was still sick.
 We also woke up to a bunch of new snow. As much as I try to never complain about the weather I admit that I was feeling a bit grumbly inside about the snow.
 I so wanted some warm weather so that we could spend a bunch of time outside again. I knew my head would feel much better if I could just spend some time outside. However I didn't really feel like going out in the snow.
 And then Jonathan went out to get the mail and he came back in to report that the snow was absolutely perfect for snowballs or snowmen - anything we wanted to pack snow together for!
 All three of the older ones headed out - but I wasn't sure if I was going to or not.
 And then Megan was ready to go out - and I said I would go too.
 When we got out there the older kids had already made a good start on making a snowfort. They had big balls in place on 2 sides.
 I quickly went to work to help them. We had so much fun!
  It was really pretty warm, the snow was still gently falling with huge flakes coming down! The snow stuck together so nicely. We were able to clear nearly all the driveway simply by rolling our big snowballs down it. They started picking up the sand and gravel in them too. :-)
 Snow may not have been what we were really wanting but we are feeling very thankful for it now. I had a wonderful day (We didn't come in for lunch until 2:30 as we kept finding something else we wanted to do) and created fun memories with our wonderful snowfort.

  When we came in we enjoyed some hot chocolate and warm soup - perfect way to end our time of playing in the snow.

 After some reading and rest time we had fun doing creative things inside which I will blog about at a later time.

 What did you do with your Saturday?

(Poor Ken had to miss out on the fun because not only was he not feeling that well but since he was here in town - rather than at the political meeting we were supposed to go to in the cities - he felt obligated to get some pressing work done at his office.)


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