Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Goals for This Week

Well I seem to be having some trouble getting goals posted on Mondays. My Monday gets busy and it doesn't happen. I missed last week and since I had quite a few unfinished goals I decided to just work on it for 2 weeks but then I missed Monday again. I guess I will just do it on Tuesday. :-)

Here are the goals from the past 2 weeks:

Homeschooling Goals

  • Have our kids practice the piano - particularly their recital songs every day until the recital on Thursday (then I might let them have a little break).
  • That Mara, Jonathan and Megan would finish their math books. 
  • Write letters to Grandparents.
Homesteading Goals
  • Get bee hive cleaned out and paint both hives.
  • Plant peas and lettuce.
  • Clean up workbench.
Homemaking Goals
  • Fix up a wreath for the front door.
  • Finish going through laundry room and organize and clean.  It could be better but it is okay for now.
  • Touch up paint on front door.
Business Goals
  • Get wedding portfolios organized on my website.
  • Look through June wedding flower quotes and see if I need to order anything early.
  • Add reviews/thank yous to my website.
Personal Growth Goals
  • Practice the cello 5+ days this week. 
  • Read "Bringing up boys". Almost done, but not quite.
  • Write two verses out that go along with areas that I want to grow in and then hang them up somewhere that I will see them often.
Blogging Goals
  • Link to 6 blog parties this week and share one post on both Facebook and Pinterest.
  • Write 3 posts for repurposing series in May.
  • Write book review.
Goals for the next two weeks (as I know on Memorial Day I will be a bit to busy having fun with my family to do much blogging. We are hoping to do some camping out on our property.):

 Homeschooling Goals
  • That Aaron would finish his Math book (due to be done on Friday!).
  • That the kids would finish their other workbooks.
  • Get everybody invited to Homeschool baseball for the summer.
Homesteading Goals
  • Get onions planted.
  • Weed flower beds.
  • Transplant seedlings that are to crowded into bigger containers.
Homemaking Goals
  • Have the kids and I each find one thing/area each day to truly clean until it "sparkles".
  • Mend.
  • Touch up paint in our closet.
Business Goals
  • Get wedding portfolios organized on my website.
  • Organize my office.
  • Add reviews/thank yous to my website.
Personal Growth Goals
  • Practice the cello 4+ days each week. 
  • Practice focusing on and truly listening to whoever is talking to me (less multi-tasking!).
  • Do something just for fun with each child.
Blogging Goals
  • Link to 10 blog parties and share a post on Facebook and 3 on Pinterest.
  • Pre-post 3 posts.
  • Read one book and write review.


The Heart Of A Woman said...

I love that you keep a list of goals!

Abbi said...

I like it as it helps to motivate me and keep me organized. My mind doesn't have to always be remembering so many things when I write them down. Sometimes however I do let it stress me a little as when I have set a goal I would really like to accomplish it. I am having to work on either not planning so much or not getting frustrated when I can't do it.


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