Monday, May 5, 2014

Zippy's Club {A book review and giveaway}

book cover Zippy's Club (2)
When I was asked to review "Zippy's Club" a book that addresses bullying I thought that seemed fitting as bullying is topic that has been discussed a lot lately and was really on our radar as MN was working at that time to pass a bullying bill. Now the bill that was passed in MN is a very bad bill that in the name of preventing bullying will instead limit parental rights (schools will teach controversial things to your kids without your knowledge or permission) and also attacks religious freedom. This book on bullying written by Candida Sullivan is a breath of fresh air.
Candida Sullivan's story about living with Amniotic Band Syndrome
The author of this book, Candida Sullivan, is someone who I am sure had had to go through more than her share of bullying thanks to being born with physical deformity. But instead of growing bitter she thanks God for the life He has given her and has chosen to share with others through writing books. 

  Zippy's Club starts with the words "Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good." In the story Zippy (the zebra with no stripes who I think in a previous book probably got bullied because of that fact) decides to start a club where members would work to stop bullying through kindness. Unfortunately in the beginning only one person wanted to join since the club wasn't serving cake or having play time. He thought he would give up on the idea. But through a series of events the whole group of animals learns the importance of being kind to one another and in the end the club is formed.

  I like Candida's biblical perspective on this subject and this book would be a good tool to use to talk to kids about bullying.

   My only negative about the book was that my kids and I didn't think the story line flowed very well and we really felt like probably we should have read a previous book to fully understand it. But we might be a little extra critical in that department as we have read many, many books and Mara is currently going through a curriculum that teaches you how to write a book.

   Over all I thought it was a good book with a good message.

I was sent this book free of charge for purposes of reviewing. The thoughts I have expressed are my own and I am not paid to write this post.

Would you like to win a copy?
Candida is offering one autographed copy of this book for someone to win! So if you would like to win please leave a comment expressing your thoughts on this topic (I would love to hear anyway that you have learned to deal with bullying or have taught your kids about it, etc.) and with an e-mail address so that I can contact you.

You may have a second chance to win if you are a follower of this blog. If you are already just leave a second comment telling me so. If you are not you can go to the bottom of the blog and click the button to become a follower and then come back and leave a comment.

 This giveaway is open to those in the USA and Canada and will close on May 17th.


The Heart Of A Woman said...

It seems like a cute book! I don't know how we will handle bullying yet. Landry is still small, but I would love to use books to teach her!

Anna said...

I think bullying is interesting because everyone thinks they are in the right when they are involved. The person who is trying to improve the other person by pointing out that the way they are doing something is inferior to their way, the person who makes jokes about something because to them it is only funny but to the other person it is personal and embarrassing. The other side may be being to sensitive.
Anyways, our states congress people choosing to pass this bill is really sad and will reduce bullying in no way.

Theresa said...

We try to be as open as we can about bullying and keep conversation open.


Treesa said...

Following you! :) (Theresa K)

Carmen N said...

My daughter is still young and we haven't had to talk about or deal with bullying but unfortunately I have a feeling it's only a matter of time.

Carmen N said...

I'm already a follower


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