Saturday, May 17, 2014

Ways We Have Saved Money Lately

All those small ways of saving a little money add up in the long run. Here are a few of them simple things that we have done lately that save us money:
 We have packed along homemade meals when we go places - lately there have been regular picnics out at our property. Sometimes I struggle to think of a meal that packs well but we have managed. Do you have any good ideas for healthy/wholesome food that is easy to take on a picnic lunch?

  I cut the boys hair.

  I took apart the hair clippers that I was afraid was going to need replaced because it was working horribly and I cleaned it out and put it back together (I didn't take all the parts apart!) and it is working again. Yay! Purchase avoided.

 On Mother's Day for a fun activity we took a bike ride. Entertainment doesn't have to be expensive. It is a whole lot of fun (and good exercise) to take a family bike ride. We had fun spotting the spring flowers that were blooming.

 We made cloth pads. These work well for your monthly period and they are healthier to use as well (I guess the bleach and other things that are in the disposable ones is not very good for your skin). These were free as we made them with old sheets, old washcloths/towels, some old pajamas and some Velcro we salvaged from some old pants.
 We have made quite a few homemade gifts lately or put together gifts from things that we had on hand.

 I mended socks.

Aaron mended his cowboy boots - using shoe goo to repair the soles that were coming off. Extending the life of shoes is good.
I made napkins.

 I saved buttons from the shirts I made napkins out of for using on other sewing projects. I have very rarely purchased buttons in my lifetime as I can generally get all I need pretty easily from the clothes that I re-purpose.

 We have been doing very little shopping and a lot of creative eating from the pantry. I did just order brown rice and another 40 lb chunk of cheese and then I hope to see if we can basically only eat from the pantry until we move. Hopefully we can also forage some food.

 We have combined errands several times to make less driving and using gas.

 What have your been doing lately to save money? I would love to hear!


Mrs. Chrissy T said...

Great tips! Oh...the money saved on packing your Food.

Brooke said...

That is a big chunk of cheese!

I am working on my garden again this year and drying some herbs to save money.
I am using cloth diapers most of the time.
I am so happy it is garage sale season! I love to garage sale!


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