Friday, May 15, 2015

Being Part of a Drama Production

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        This past week our lives have been kind of taken over by a play that the kids were a part of at our homeschool co-op.  The production was last night. It went very well and we are so thankful to God for helping us through it. The play kind of took over our homeschool co-op this year but that was okay as we had decided to have a theme this year of fine arts. There was much time spent in rehearsing and then we spent time working on props and decorations and costumes as well.
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        Mara as the Evil Queen Morinda
        The play we did was called " The Tale of Two Kingdoms". It had a medieval setting and spoke of the battle between good and evil. 
         It was a great learning experience for our children. Mara loves drama and tried out for the part of the evil queen and she was able to get that part. She worked very hard at getting her lines memorized and really getting into her character. She also tried to encourage others in their roles. She also altered a dress that she had been loaned to make it work for the play, made herself a crown and sewed herself a cape. She also took it upon herself to write up character bios about each of the actors (she asked them for any ideas they had and then had fun adding to them) which we hung up for the audience to read along with pictures of them that she took at the dress rehearsals. She also made up a program and illustrated it (the pictures of the kingdoms). This play was a great way for Mara to use some of her creativity.

        Jonathan requested the role of being the sound man and he took that job very seriously. He enjoyed working together with another young man from our co-op. My brother has been training him to run the sound at church and he really enjoyed doing it for the play as well. He put a lot of effort into making sure everybody could be heard and that everything went smoothly. I was pretty proud of him. He also was a great help in putting the backdrop together for the play.  

        Aaron was the least interested in the play of our children but he did sing in the choir and was a knight in training and got to help with various prop work.

        Megan had 4 small parts which she very much enjoyed. She sang in the choir, was a town crier, picked flowers and was a messenger. She had 3 outfit changes and though that was pretty fun.

        This was a fun opportunity for our children to use some of the gifts that God has 
        given to them. It was fun seeing our whole homeschool co-op work together to put on a fairly big production.

        Here are some more photos from the play:
         The town criers
         The princes and the maid.
         Getting the castle tour.
         Aaron in his little time of sword fighting.
         The Princes having a meal brought to them by Ida the Matron.
         Greeting the people that came.
         Megan my cute town crier.
        Some of the actors and actresses.


    MollyBea Williams said...

    It was a lovely production!!!

    Abbi said...

    Thank you MollyBea!

    JoannaTopaz said...

    Looks and sounds like a lot of fun, and a great opportunity for all involved!

    Keren Ruth said...

    I didn't realize Mara was the artist for the programs too! That is neat. We really enjoyed the play.


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