Friday, May 8, 2015

Children Working Together - A Homeschool Highlight

 One of the highlights of homeschooling is that it allows more opportunities for our children to work together. I thought it would be fun to share with you one of the ways that happened here lately.

 Mara and our friend Emily have been co-teaching a Wednesday evening class for the younger children at church lately. They have been using quite a few puppet plays which Mara writes the script for and then makes little stick puppets to go with it. Last week Mara had made a cardboard ship for her story and I thought it turned out pretty cute but Jonathan suggested that he could make a better one from wood and so she said go ahead. So he made a cute wood ship that the stick puppets could fit into. It worked quite well.

  After class Mara and Emily had come up with an idea - could Jonathan make them a little puppet theater from wood that would be something they could use over and over again? Mara came up with a design and then Jonathan made some adjustments and then he had fun making the little theater from lumber scraps we had laying around.

 This is made particularly for their stick puppets that Mara has been making. It is designed so that they can hang up scenery in the front and in the back he put another clip to hold up their script.

 It was so fun for me to watch my children (with no assistance from me) work together on a project that they can use to share the gospel with others. I am so happy that they enjoy using their time in this way. I feel exceedingly blessed.

   Homeschooling is a blessing because we do have more time available for projects such as this. Also there is more time and opportunities for the siblings to work together which I think it a wonderful thing. Another working together thing that has been fun for me to watch this year has been the boys as they run the incubator and care for the chicks and ducklings (the ducklings started arriving today!).
   I have definitely hit a new stage in mothering where I am actually not needed for a lot of projects any more. The kids are perfectly capable of doing it on their own - especially when they work together. Thankfully they do still enjoy having me around so I do stay involved in a lot of things but if I am busy it doesn't stop the project.

Do your kids enjoy working together? Do you have any fun memories to share?

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