Friday, May 1, 2015

May Baskets and Other Fun Things

 One of the beauties of homeschooling is deciding to make a day into art day if you want to and proceed to make 25 May baskets to take to the nursing home. We have fun, we cheer others up and we practice our art skills. It's a win win situation. Most of the time we do our normal schoolwork (I do like routine and diligence) but sometimes changing it up a bit is good too.

  We made flowers out of egg cartons plus one for each basket out of construction paper that said "Happy May Day" and "May God Bless You" on it.
 Megan very much enjoyed working on the baskets. Everybody got to help (though Aaron preferred to spend more time doing other chores like packing a lunch for us that needed to be done.)
 The people at the nursing home where we go to sing were very appreciative of the May Baskets.
 They are so sweet!

 We also had fun making some for our neighbors.
 Aaron delivered these in the old fashioned way of ringing the doorbell and running. We then ran up to my bedroom where we could see our neighbors outside looking them over and visiting about them. Pretty soon I got a phone call thanking us. We tried to do it anonymously but they figured it out pretty quickly.
 Mara took these over to another neighbor.

I was out working on the bee hives and came back to the house to see this on our doorstep. Mara had found wild flowers already! She decided to make a little basket out of birchbark.

  Some of the other fun learning we have been doing is the boys project of incubating chicken and duck eggs and they were starting to hatch tonight. Little pecks and peeps were happening. It is so exciting! There are around 100 chicken eggs in there and 20 some ducks and so we should have a lot of little birds around here very soon. This has been a great learning experience for the boys.


Jennifer said...

What a great post! Happy May. Have fun with your chicks and ducklings too.

Abbi said...

Thanks Jennifer!


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