Wednesday, April 29, 2015

May Day Will Be Here Soon

May Day Baskets from another year
Have you ever made and given out May Day baskets? It is quite fun to do. It is that time of year again so our house is in a bit of a mess as baskets and such are being worked on.

 May baskets are a fun way to spread a little cheer into peoples lives. It is a way to reach out to your neighbors and I do think that is super neat to actually know and be neighborly with your neighbors - unfortunately it is a bit of a lost art. It also is a great opportunity to do all sorts of fun and crafty recycling. It is a project that all ages can have fun working on.

Our goal this year is to share some at the nursing home when we go to sing and also with our neighbors and we will see if it goes any beyond that or not. 

May Day in 2008
I would love to hear your ideas for May Day. I will try to share pictures from this years projects sometime later.


Nola said...

I've never heard of people celebrating May Day. Is this something celebrated in the US? Or something that your family likes to do? What do baskets have to do with it?

Jennifer said...

When my children were younger we did something like this too. We usually put Pansies or Violas in little baskets and gave them to the neighbors. It was also something fun to look forward to.

Elaine said...

What a lovely tradition We don't celebrate May Day here in Canada, I think we are missing out

Abbi said...

May Day is an old holiday and unfortunately another one of pagan heritage (It seems like most holidays are). In was started in Roman times and was/is? widely celebrated in Europe. It did basically leave it's pagan roots and is simply a celebration of Spring basically. The tradition is that you make baskets and put flowers or treats in them and then deliver them anonymous to your neighbor's doorsteps and then ring the bell and run. If the recipient can catch you they give you a kiss. A generation or so ago I believe May Day was celebrated quite a bit here but it hardly is anymore. We think it is a lot of fun however.


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