Thursday, April 16, 2015

Birthdays - A Fun Time to Have Company

 This has been a busy week. The weather has been lovely which means we are trying to get more done outside and we have had various things going on - one of them being the birthday of  Megan! So that is why I haven't posted much and today I planned on doing another hospitality post and so this one is - kind off. This is really a post about Megan's birthday but birthdays are a fun time to have company so that goes with hospitality too.

   We have never done the traditional birthday parties where you have over a bunch of kids the general age of the birthday child. There are several reasons that we haven't done that one of them being that we just like to have family events usually rather than age segregated events and also I dislike hosting a party (at least for someone in my family) that causes somebody to feel they have to give something. So generally our birthday parties are pretty much family parties and we may include some others but they aren't necessarily of the birthday child's age.

   This evening we had our final party for watching "Cabin Fever" a reality show that my brother is in and so that and Megan's birthday were combined.

  Our family gives birthday gifts in the morning before breakfast. Megan has wanted a typewriter for a couple of years and this year I managed to find one (a used one in good condition for only $15 at a local thrift store). I was so excited! So was the rest of the family as they knew how much Megan wanted one. We were really looking forward to her getting it. She was definitely excited! Typewriters are the new rage around here. Both Jonathan and my Mom are now wanting one too. Everybody else had fun typing on it as well.

  Today Megan wanted waffles for breakfast. I made them (and they were pretty yummy!) and they used up 4 eggs. That left us with only 7 left (we have not had so many eggs lately as they boys were saving them to put in the incubator for hatching) and Megan wanted an angel food cake. The recipe called for 11-12 eggs. 3 eggs were collected at the morning chore time but one was a duck egg and I was told that one was still needed for hatching  (Aaron's ruling but Megan agreed - it would be better to not have enough eggs for the cake then to go without getting another duck). So the boys kept checking the chicken pen. Jonathan found 2 eggs but then one broke when getting washed. Aaron found another egg but then it was broken too (we don't normally break so many but I guess today was the day for breaking them. Finally Mara just went ahead and made it with 10 eggs. I found the whole saga of the eggs pretty entertaining.

 The cake didn't get super tall but it was yummy anyway.
Tonight my niece Jaten got to be on the TV show too (as did my sister-in-law Holly). What fun to see them on TV.

  We had a fun day celebrating Megan's birthday!


Elaine said...

Sounds like a lovely day! Happy birthday to your girl :)

Abbi said...

Thanks Elaine!


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