Saturday, April 25, 2015

Working on the House

 Siding the house is one of the big projects we have left and so we have been plugging away at it. Weekends are our best times to work since Ken is home. Today was supposed to be cold, windy and rainy too, I believe. It wasn't - it was a beautiful sunshiny day and nice temperature. Perfect for working outside. Ken and I spent much of the day working on siding. The kids and I did go off to go to a bluegrass concert this evening but Ken stayed home to work. When I got back (after 10 pm) I found him still hard at work with his work light on. He was working high up the side of the house.

   The kids worked today too. The girls really worked at getting out detached garage cleaned of all the remnants that were still left in there from our time of living there. The boys did some cleaning up around the yard and moving scrap lumber to better locations and such. There is plenty to keep us busy around here.

  Much of this week has been pretty chilly (we even got over an inch of snow) and so in the evenings we didn't go out to work on siding instead I finished varnishing shelves and then Ken got some put up. I am very happy to have some more shelves and a closet rod by my washer and dryer. Organization is coming. Yeah!

  We also got to the windowsill board put in the kitchen. It looks so pretty. I think that means that the kitchen is done. Hopefully I can have it spruced up and photographed and I will share it with you next week.

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