Friday, April 3, 2015

Learning About Birds

We have been truly enjoying experiencing Spring while living next to the river. There are birds around here that we never saw at previous homes. Just this morning we figured out that some of the quite black and white ducks on the water are "Buffleheads". We found out what they were from our trusty "Birds of Minnesota" book. That has been a very useful tool in our homeschooling experience.

Learning about birds can be very fun and rewarding. It is always fun to explore a little more into what God has created and to become even more in awe of Him!

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Do you and your kids enjoy watching and learning about birds?


Nola said...

We love learning about birds too. We recently finally attracted some birds to our house. There aren't enough trees around so we stuck some branches in the snow around the birdfeeder. We have had a lot of redpolls. I have a goal of teaching my kids the bird songs of the birds in our area. I got a list of the birds in our area, and we are going to look them up one by one on the Cornell lab of orinthology website. They have a song section where you can listen to the bird songs/calls. I meant to do this a long time ago but I never found a resource that had our area birds.

Jennifer said...

We love to learn about birds at our house too and have several bird books on our shelves. It's fun when the seasons change and so do the birds!

Abbi said...

So fun to hear about you all enjoying birds as well! Nola - I hadn't heard of that website before. That sounds neat.
Jennifer- I agree it is very fun to enjoy different birds at different seasons. These Buffleheads that we are enjoying right now will probably be here only briefly as they are migrating through.


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