Saturday, May 2, 2015

Honey Bees in Minnesota

My friend Rebecca and I went and picked up our bees yesterday. I am sure we were probably some of the most memorable people there as we came in our hodge podge outfits and our colorful bee hives. In the midst of many many beekeepers dressed all in white with their white bee hives we looked a little different. Oh well, it doesn't bother us to much to be a little different. :-) Rebecca took a video of the event.


Jennifer said...

That was very interesting. We get our bees in a box and bring them home along with the queen in a cage. We shake the box into our hives right at home. I've never seen it done like this before. Our boxes are a mint green color. I love raising bees. They are just an amazing creature to watch aren't they? God's amazing design. Thanks for sharing!

Abbi said...

That is neat that you have bees as well. I have only got my bees in NUCS never packages. The NUCS give you a head start because you already have brood. Often they cost more but we have a source for getting the NUCS for less than we could get packages. That is fun that you have colored hives as well.


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