Monday, May 4, 2015

Pictures Around Our Homestead

  The kids and I have been having fun taking pictures around our little homestead lately. Here are some of them....
Gwendolyn (though - I guess I am spelling it wrong, Megan says it starts with a Q, but it sounds like that) our on a walk.

 Aaron loves his birds. He had fun photographing all the chickens the other day.
The bees are here and I am excited!

I was able to make 2 rag rugs last week and then use them as gifts. I am quite happy to be making rugs again. Jonathan had cut all the strips from old jeans.

Alpha - our first chick to arrive.

 More chicks arriving all the time.
 The incubator is a mess of broken shells.
 Those our in their bin seem to be doing great.

 The kids are loving playing with them. Hopefully the don't over do it.

These next pictures are not from our place. We were over to my Mom and Dad's this morning and I took some pictures there. I thought you might enjoy seeing some adorable baby goats.

Aren't they cute?


Mary Ann said...


Elaine said...

Great pictures! Seems like spring is bursting forth on your homestead:)
(you can spell Gwendolyn with a G as I have an aunt Gwendolyn:)

Lydia said...

Spring is finally here! I am sure you all are loving being outside! Great pictures.

Abbi said...

Thanks ladies! Isn't Spring so fun!?! I love it. I am so glad the God made the different seasons.

Elaine, yes a G did seem the right letter to use to spell Gwendolyn - for some reason Megan wanted to spell it with a Q instead but still have it sound the same. Silly girl! :-)

Bobbi said...

Abbi, I love your blog! Do you have instructions on how you make your rag rugs? I would love to learn how to make them.


Abbi said...

Thanks so much Bobbi! Here is the link to the post where I tell more about making this sort of rug and then a link to the website where I learned how. :


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