Sunday, May 24, 2015

Today's Progress on the House

  We are still busily working on the exterior of the house. We dreamed of getting the whole lower front of the house done today but that didn't happen. But we made progress so that was good. And we did have some excuses for lack of speed. Ken has the bug that I had earlier and so was working a little slower and I had to go deliver flowers for a wedding too.

   The picture above was taken this morning before we really got much work done.
 This was the state of the front entry way. Friday night I had put the rock up above the door but had not put mortar between the rock yet.
 I got the mortar in and more rock put up on the sides and also down right above the door. That section was pretty tricky because I had to hang some rock upside down with mortar with it. The rock actually stuck all right but I am still struggling to get all the mortar that I need up there. Thank-fully progress was made.

  We had lovely weather today. I actually was out in just a t-shirt and it has to be pretty warm for me to do that.
  Ken busily worked at siding (I did help him some with it before lunch too) and I worked on the rock.
 The look of our front entry is really changing. It will be fun when we get our steps done too.
 Does that entry look welcoming? I hope so!

10 pm and Ken was still hard at work. He did get that section done before he came in. Siding looks so much nicer than house wrap I think!


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