Tuesday, October 4, 2016

31 Days of Repurposing - Cloth Diapers from Towels, T-shirts and Receiving Blankets

 In early July we had a baby shower for a new baby from church (we have been so blessed to have a lot of new babies lately - it is so fun!) and the mom said one of the things that she needed was new cloth diapers (this was her 8th baby so the ones she had were getting worn out).
I basically used the instructions (at least the measurements) at this blog  but then did some things my own way. For the flannel exterior I used some pre-used receiving blankets for some, a flannel sheet for some others and brand new fabric for some. For the liners I used both a layer (or two on some) of towel (the towels had been torn or frayed but they worked great for this) and then a layer or two of 100% cotton t-shirt.

 This is what the finished product looked like. These were very simple diapers.
 All folded up.
 I made two different sizes and then some flannel wipes as well. I thought it was a super fun project.
 Birch bark tags finished them off.

Are any of you cloth diaper users (now or past tense)? Did you ever make your own? I never thought of doing that when me kids were in diapers but it was fun to do for my friend.

I also thought I would show you the simple cake that I had fun making.
I am not a great cake decorator (and I believe I was out of powdered sugar!) but with a 7 minute frosting, some berries and mint and then making a little bunting I thought it turned out cute. I believe part of the bunting at least was made from repurposed paper. :-)


Nola said...

Yes I've used cloth diapers with all my kids from birth to training. I used Chinese prefolds (diaper service quality). I used them with a snappi instead of pins, and a cover with snaps or velcro (I found the snaps worked best) made out of PUL fabric. I never made my own. I found prefolds and these types of covers fairly economical to begin with though, and most of our diapers were gifted to us as part of a baby shower.

Rachel Going said...

OH my!! What darling diapers. I love the way you used cloth you had on hand, to make them, then tied them in such a darling manner with twine. You are very creative.

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

How sweet. I love the cake! Super cute.

Abbi said...

Thanks everybody! Nola, your comment just reminds me of how many more options there are in cloth diapers now. Even when I was doing it the diapers tended to be pretty basic. I think it is neat that there is innovation going on in this area.


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