Thursday, October 13, 2016

31 Days of Repurposing - Packaging food in reused bags and containers

 One type of repurposing I do a lot is rather mundane. It is simply reusing jars, containers and bags for storing food and other things in. We put up a lot of food - from the garden, from my parents goats milk (making cheese and such), from the orchard, honey from the hives and meat from animals we butchered. If we bought new bags and containers for all the things we stored we would spend a lot of money.
I like peanut butter jars pretty well for a good size to put my honey in. They may not be quite as attractive as pint jars or a cute little honey jar but it works fine and saves me money.

 We did chicken butchering today. We now have a lot of nice meat stored up for the winter. I save bread bags, powdered sugar bags and any other sturdy bag we get food in (though I don't save any bags that have had raw meat in them - after this use they do get tossed) and I wash them out. We then package our meat in them. For an extra layer we put them in grocery bags which are very easy to come by (even when I remember to use cloth grocery bags I find that lots of other people save bags and are willing to share).
Mara doesn't like to be involved in the dirty part of butchering (the boys are better helpers there) but she did help with packaging.

 People also save us egg cartons to put our homegrown eggs in. Repurposing packaging saves a lot of money on the "farm".

Do you do this at your place?

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