Saturday, October 1, 2016

31 Days of Repurposing

 I love to repurposing! There is not much more fun than turning something old that is headed for the trash into something we use and enjoy and hopefully find beautiful as well. Many times repurposed items can even be given as gifts.

My interest in repurposing is very broad but a few of the things that I have enjoyed giving new life too are: OLD jeans, candles, t-shirts, olive oil jars, tin cans, pallets and much more.

  I have been struggling to blog as much as I like to lately and so this month I am challenging myself to write every day and to share with you some fun repurposing idea. Mostly it will probably be about something I have made or am making but I might pull in ideas from elsewhere at times too. Sometimes I will have instructions for how you can make it too and other times it will be just to inspire you to seek your own ways of being creative through repurposing.

  Here is one of my current repurposing projects:
 A Large denim and khaki rag rug.
This is made with an 8 strand braid that I tuck together while I go. I love this method and I am really enjoying the end result of this rug. I have used up many, many pairs of jeans in this rug so far as well as  bunch of other pants in natural colors.

    It is for our living room and that is also where I work on it. I just tuck the loose strands underneath when I am not working on it.

  Do you enjoy repurposing? What things do you like to use best?

Be sure to come back throughout this month for more repurposing ideas.

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Day 5:

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Day 7: Chalkboard Vases from Olive Oil Jars

Day 8: Slippers from Boxes and Fabric Scraps


Sheila DelCharco said...

Wow! That's really impressive!
Making the Most of Every Day

Rachel Mendell said...

wonderful! I love repurposing ... in fact, almost my entire house is repurposed! Thank you!

Abbi said...

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Anna said...

The rug is looking beautiful.

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

Oh my goodness....I love this rug. It is wonderful. How neat.

Abbi said...

Thanks Anna and Mrs. Chrissy! :-) I have really enjoyed working on it.


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