Friday, October 14, 2016

31 Days of Repurposing - Fixing up T-shirts

 We were in need of "new" t-shirts for a parade. We decided to walk in the University Homecoming parade in order to spread the word about Evan McMullin the candidate that we are supporting for president but we kind of needed t-shirts for that. I had ordered one from Amazon for Ken but I was hoping to buy some from a bulk order that had been made by the MN team for the rest of us. However that shipment was taking a long time and it still hasn't come (one of the other couples on the campaign ordered it and then we were hoping to buy from them). So I decided I would make our own.

  We have been involved in enough campaigns over the years that we had a bunch of t-shirts that we had gotten given to us with them so I decided I would repurpose them. All of them already had printing on them so I would need to cover it up in some way.

So I decided to cut circles from the white one
 Which I then painted (and I don't think I really used the right paint for this - I used what I had on hand).
 I put the McMullin logo in the middle and then put other info around it.
 The next step was to use the iron on interfacing which stuck them together.
 Then we zig-zagged around the circle.
 Jonathan was my very reluctant model.
 This boy!!

Anyway - they aren't really professional but the got the message out and they didn't cost me anything. Hooray!

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