Monday, April 28, 2008

Enjoying Vermont!

We had a fun time studying about Vermont. Even though I have never been there I feel connected with the state in some ways because I have had several friends that have lived there and I have heard a lot about it. It seems to me that most people who have lived there look back on their time there very fondly. I think I would like it too. It seems in many ways like MN and the addition of mountains would be a nice one.

It was very appropriate that we studied about Vermont while we were in the middle of Maple syruping. Above is a picture of some of the Maple Syrup that I canned that week. Producing Maple syrup is something that Vermont has long been famous for. Cheddar cheese is another of their specialties (though they actually produce more Mozzarella). Also in the food line is Ben and Jerry's Ice cream. Ben and Jerry are from Vermont and they started their ice cream making by taking a $5 correspondence course. (Ken wonders how well it works to take a correspondence course for making ice cream? I guess for them it worked fine.)

The state fruit is an apple and they seem to enjoy lots of baked goods with apples in them. Something we enjoyed was apple muffins.
We also tried and enjoyed Green Mountain Corn Chowder. There are lots of other Vermont Recipes at this site that also look yummy. At the Vermont Specialty Foods Association you can find a lot more recipes.

Some of the things we found interesting about Vermont were:

  • No Billboards are allowed.
  • They were the last state to allow Wal-mart to have a store there.
  • The kids found the pictures of a granite quarry very fascinating. It looks dangerous but interesting. They also have marble quarries.
  • They have a lot (maybe the most?) or covered bridges.
  • Vermont was the state that the Von Trapp family located in when they came to the U.S.
  • Vermont became a State on March 4, 1791. The 14th state and the first one that wasn't one of the original colonies.

Vermont is a state that is known for it's beautiful fall leaves, pretty old fashioned towns and getting a lot of snow (like MN). I think I could feel pretty at home there.

What do you like about Vermont? By the way we are studying Ohio this week and would love it if you would share any information about that state. Thanks!!


shell said...

We lived in Ohio for awhile. They have Graters Ice Cream and Skyline Chili. I think both of those come from Cincinnati. I loved the Ice Cream, but I did not care for the Skyline Chili. Jimmy loves it and so dose Pam. I'm sure you can get recipe online somewhere.

jessicalolene said...

We took our family vacation there this past summer. The boys and I hadn't been there before and James enjoyed showing us around. It was gorgeous and reminded me a lot of home in Minnesota. It took forever to get short distances, though, because of the winding, two-lane roads, and lots of traffic. The boys' favorite thing was the alpine slides down the mountains.

miranda said...

I have really learned a lot from your studies of the states. I have enjoyed reading the different things you are discovering. I especially liked the part about the Von Trapp family as that is one of my all time favorite movies.

Michelle said...

I did a project on Vermont in 5th grade, but I don't remember it, sorry! I just found your blog. Hope to come back and visit!

Bridgett said...

The thing I like most about Vermont is that you can enjoy fun outdoor activities in the country as well as have the conveniences of the city.

Renee said...

I love maple syrup! ANd you canned some. This is one project I would love to learn is canning. I have no idea where to start. But this I know is if I took the time to learn, I would be able to have a garden and grow veggies and fruits without chemicals and can for the winter season.

We are having ham for dinner tonight and I am thinking of making the corn chowder and adding some leftover ham to the soup.

I thank you for stopping by and hope that you have a nice week!



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