Wednesday, April 2, 2008

New York!

On March 16-22 we enjoyed studying about New York. It is a state that we had already heard a lot about but we certainly learned a lot more in our time of study. The state flower of New York is the Rose which is why I posted the picture above.

I will share first the foods that we enjoyed:

New York potatoes were a huge hit with Ken. They were probably rather fattening but they were yummy. I don't know if this is a well known dish there or not but Ken thinks that they should be. (His comment actually was "New York should be known for its potatoes not its pizza")

Orange Julius. Yummy! We enjoyed this refreshing drink. The recipe is quite easy:

12 oz. frozen orange juice concentrate

3 cups milk

2 1/2 cups water

1/3 cup sugar (or a little more to taste)

2 teaspoons vanilla

10-15 ice cubes.

Mix it all together in a blender or I used my handheld blender and used crushed Ice. Serve immediately.

New York Pizza. This was my whole wheat version which I didn't blacken properly (Ken would have not eaten it if I had). To see how to make it right visit here. And to see about its history go here.

We also had Salad with Thousand Island dressing (which comes from New York). I had also planned to have Conney Dogs, Potato chips, Jello, Apple muffins (the state muffin) and Waldorf Salad which all have roots in New York but for various reasons we didn't. I also thought Buffalo Wings sounded very yummy but we didn't have them either.

We read a book all about the World Trade Center bombing and all the heroes of the day. The kids were very interested and horrified that the hijackers would do what they did. We also looked through a neat book with tons of pictures of the Statue of Liberty and her construction.

  • The kids were very interested to see all the yellow cabs in the picture of the streets of New York City. We think living there sounds a little like living in a different country.

  • We would love to go see the Niagara Falls. We saw a picture of a boat that was at the bottom of the falls and we thought that would be so very neat to be in.

  • We read about the Baseball hall of fame in New York and the New Yorker's great love for baseball.

  • New York's state tree is a Sugar Maple. In Rural New York they also like to make maple syrup.
  • The State fruit is an apple. Yummy! We love apples.

We would love to visit New York and see the very many neat things that state has to offer.

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Angie said...

We tried you orange julius recipe! YUMMY! It went over very well in our house! MMMMMM we didn't have enough room in our blender for all the water though.


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