Saturday, April 26, 2008

Our Winter (?!? Isn't it actually Spring?) Wonderland!

This past week has been a nice spring one with all our snow melted and the kids had a wonderful time playing outside. And so I had thought that on Friday and Saturday I would plant some Iris bulbs (Both my sister and a friend gave me a bunch!! I am so excited as they are my favorite flower.) and I had hoped that Ken could til the garden for me so that I could plant the Lettuce, onions and peas soon (you can do that before the last frost) and I also thought that on Saturday afternoon we would try to go into town to the Library. Well we can make plans but that doesn't necessarily mean it will work out. Friday morning it got quite cold and then in the afternoon the snow started falling. By the time Ken got home from work we had at least 4 inches! In the evening it was pretty blizzard like. It kept snowing all night and all through Saturday. Here are some of the pictures.

Here is a picture of the front of our Garage on Sat. AM that I took from our upstairs window. It was quite windy to the snow had drifted in various ways so some places there wasn't hardly any snow and other places it was around 4 ft deep.

Here is Ken working on the driveway. With all the storms we have had in April this year he is so happy that he bought the snow blower on the year end clearance.
Our house and all the snow. This picture doesn't properly show the neat wind sculptures that God made. I had fun looking at all the beauty out in the snow but I don't know how to properly photograph it.

Even if that wasn't what I planned to for the day we were still able to have a fun day anyway!! I was able to get various things done in the house like go through Megan's clothes and the boxes of clothes for her in the closet. Whenever I do that I always realize how abundantly blessed we are. As far as I can remember I have only bought one item of clothes for her (a pair of tights) and I have made a sweater and a dress (or possibly two) and otherwise everything that she has worn (other than disposable diapers, which yes, we have bought) has been either hand me downs from mostly her sister or cousins (Being the youngest of 6 female cousins is not a bad thing) or somebody has given to her for a birthday or something. She is not always dressed in the height of fashion but mostly she looks pretty cute. We have also had plenty to be able to share with others.

I also wrote a few letters, played the violin, sent in some news items to the radio and a newsletter about a really fun kids program we have coming up at church, worked at potty training a little girl (with little success but she really loves sitting on her potty chair! Does anybody have any suggestions for me?), worked at cleaning out my e-mail inbox and lots of other lazy Saturday sort of jobs.

What sort of fun stuff did you do and do any of the rest of you have snow?


Dawn said...

LOL. It snowed here in the twin cites too. Luckily it melted really fast. It didn't stick around like yours. :-)

Anonymous said...
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