Friday, April 25, 2008

Frugal crafts for kids.

At our house we love to make crafts and have fun with various sorts of art projects. If you buy everything for your crafts at Joann's or Ben Franklin or wherever this can get pretty expensive but if you recycle and reuse stuff and buy paints, glue and supplies like that on sale then crafting can be pretty cheap. Around here I like to save stuff especially for crafting. Here are some of the things that I save (to a point, if you never use them and just save a bunch your house will soon be over run with clutter.)

  • Toilet paper tubes

  • Empty containers. (I actually save most of these for freezing garden produce in but if the kids need it for a craft project then it is available)

  • Fabric scraps.

  • Scrap paper , especially colored paper.

  • Styrofoam trays.

  • Egg cartons (though actually most of these go back to my parents to get more eggs in them.)

  • Boxes of all sizes. The kids make a ton of projects using cereal, cracker and other boxes of that weight as it is far easier to cut than thick cardboard.

  • Old Socks and tights.

  • Twist ties.

  • Bits of yarn.

  • Tissue paper from presents.

  • And much more. If it looks crafty then we stick it in our craft box.

Here is Aaron with one of his creations.
This is a doll family that Jonathan made last year. (With some help from me.)
Here is a book I would like to recommend if your kids like being creative and you don't want to spend a ton of money. The Book is "Eco Art, Earth-friendly Art and Craft Experiences for 3-9 year olds." We have checked this book out from the Library several times and really enjoyed it. Not only are there are a lot of neat crafts which a pretty much all from recycled items there are also quite a few recipes for paints, glue and stuff like that. I encourage you to check it out!

For more Frugal Friday tips visit Biblical Womanhood.


Niki said...

our library has that book too! we love it!


Anonymous said...

Imagine giving your child a seed. Having them watch it grow. Then shortly after the second leaves appear they tickle the plant and it moves! Give them more than a gift; give them a learning experience they will never forget.

Nadine said...

We have one of those books too..
Have had it for many years..
Fun stuff in there...
Have a great week-end!

Anonymous said...

Dear Abbi, A friend found your blog on the internet and told me about it -- i work for a family crafts magazine named Living Crafts. It has many projects both for children and parents. please let me know if you would like to receive a review copy for your blog.
pardis amirshahi
Living Crafts Magazine
125-1/2 Broadway
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
949-650-5405 direct line

Renee said...

Please could you tell me where you got the directions on the little people. I would love to make this craft with my other three children to give to my 5 year old daughter for her upcoming birthday in July.

She would just be in aw over these. We salvaged a large wooden dollhouse along the side of the road, painted it and she plays with this everyday. Wish I had more furniture but we find things all over the house to use instead of buying furniture.

I love crafts! I will also know now what to use those cardboard toilet paper rolls which with this family of six we accumulate many.

Thanks so much for the ideas!

Abbi said...

Pardis, I would love to recieve a copy of your magizine to review. I will try to call you soon about it.

Renee, Here is the link to the post I did in December about making the dolls. Hopefully that will help. They are really quite simple.
Our kids have had a lot of fun with them. Originally we made some pioneer ones and then Jonathan made the ones in the picture for his sister for Christmas.


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