Saturday, April 26, 2008

Learning about Rhode Island

Something I am realizing is that I shouldn't wait so long to post about a State that we have studied because I am forgetting a lot of what we learned.

The week we studied Rhode Island was a pretty busy one and one that we actually where not even home for quite a few meals so we didn't eat very much from Rhode Island. One thing that we did eat however was Rhode Island Johny Cakes. This seemed to the popular Rhode Island food item in my research. According to the recipe that I used I didn't actually make them right as the cornmeal (which should also be white) should come from a specific mill and I know mine didn't as I ground it myself.

For learning more about Rhode Island and to see a list of other recipes I recommend the Class Brain site. It is a great place that has lots of help for your homeschooling.

Some of the things we learned about Rhode Island are:

  • It is the smallest state. My kids remember it well because of that fact.
  • It is the 13th state, becoming a state May 29, 1790. I found it interesting that of the original 13 colonies they were the first to sign the Declaration of Independence and the last to ratify the Constitution.
  • The state bird is the Rhode Island Red Chicken. I think my dad raised those some of the time when growing up, I at least know that they are a pretty popular chicken for hobby farmers.
  • The State flower is the Violet. I love that flower, they should be blooming around here soon after the snow from our snowstorm this weekend goes away.
  • Can you think of a painting that you have probably seen more than any other? How about the face of George Washington on the one dollar bill? Gilbert Stuart was the painter of that picture and he is from Rhode Island.
  • The longest distance in Rhode Island (from North to South) is only 59 miles. For us that have lived in the Central US and mainly visited out West that is pretty hard for us to imagine!

Rhode Island was a fun state to study and as with all of the states we have studied we would love to visit there also.

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