Sunday, October 12, 2008

A beautiful Fall day at my parents

Last week we enjoyed going out to Mom and Dad's for the morning. It is such a pretty time of year and their road has especially pretty leaves on it. Dad also has quite a few apple trees, above are some of their beautiful apples.
Here are some views in the Buck Goats pen.

Gorgeous maple leaves!
While we were there the kids helped Dad harvest their pumpkins and squash. They didn't get as many squash as normal but he got some BIG pumpkins! The largest is 150 lbs. I think they look a little obese as they don't have a real firm looking shape but look like they just sat down like a bunch of jello. Mom "Butchered" one of the 80 pounders and filled two big kettles up and then asked me if I didn't want some as she didn't know how she would cook it all. I cooked a bunch up too and put 16 containers of pumpkin puree in the freezer.

We certainly have an awesome Creator who continues to amaze me with the beauty and abundance that He gives to us!


The Eckerts said...

Hi Abbi,

I just love all the stuff at your parents house. How neat they have so much.

How do you cook up your pumpkins? Do you bake them? I'm hoping to freeze a lot of pumpkin puree but am not sure the best way to do it.


Abbi said...

This time when we cooked the pumpkins Mom cut them up into little chunks, cut skin off and got rid of the seeds and then we put it in kettles with a tiny bit of water and cooked on Med.-low until everything was soft. Even with the little water I used I still skimmed the extra water off (and put it in a jar to use in bread or some other cooking) and then I used my hand held blender to puree it all. It looked like nice baby food when I got done. It will be great for pie, in bread or muffins now.

The method I usually use is to wash the squash or pumpkin and then prick it quite a bit with a knife and then stick it in the oven until soft. After it is done baking I cut it in half and scoop out the inside and then scoop the flesh out of the skin and use it. With the big pumpkins we cannot use that method however as they simply would not fit! :-)

Esther said...

I so enjoy seeing your pictures of the fall coloring up there, as we don't have very much here at all.

Peggy said...

whoa buddy! look at those pumkins.

In The Potter's Hands said...

It all looks so wonderful! Please be sure and save one of those bags for when we come visit! I want some pumpkin bread or muffins!:)


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