Saturday, October 25, 2008

In the mood for crafts/sewing and all!

It has been chilly and wet around here lately, which is perfect weather for pulling out the craft and sewing stuff.
Earlier this week a few of us got together to make cards. That is something that I think is a lot of fun to do especially when you have somebody to visit with while doing it. Emily and Keren and the kids and I all got quite a few cards made. When I make cards I like to use rubber stamps a lot and I also enjoy using up lots of little paper scraps, catalog pictures, old cards and more to make cards. Basically all I buy is white and cream card stock. Making cards makes for a wonderful fun and creative evening.

I have also been busy sewing gifts for Aaron's birthday which is today. It has been very fun and I will share about it later.

I have been thinking it would be fun to start a series on Homemade Christmas gifts. If I set up a "Mr. Linky" would anybody else like to join me?


BlessedMama said...

What do you do about envelopes? I made cards a few times but always had issues finding envelopes. They ended up costing more to purchase than buying the entire card at Dollor Tree. :-)

Ang said...

I would love that Abbi. That would be fun.

Abbi said...

I make envelopes out of old calanders and magazines. Also you can by a box of envelopes that work at Walmart. I have those on hand too in case I need to have a "serious" look. They were more expensive than regular envelopes but not that much. (Though I haven't bought them for a couple of years as I use them so slowly!)

Here is a link to a post where I talk about making envelopes and I link to a template.


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