Tuesday, October 7, 2008

We're Farmers Now!

A week or so ago one of Dad's hens surprised them by hatching out a bunch of chicks. Mom thought they might be fun for the kids to raise over the winter and then hopefully start getting a bunch of eggs come spring. Dad also had this extra cage he had made so they delivered them to some very excited grandchildren.
We now have Clover (the rabbit that seems to be getting out of getting butchered) in one side and the chickens in the other. I think we are beginning to look like farmers and the kids definitely think so but Shh! don't say that to Ken, he is my "City" guy and doesn't want to be a farmer.


Betsy Cradic said...

Hi Abbi! We have loved having chickens this year and plan to get a bunch more to butcher next year. Are you going to put a heat lamp on them in the winter, or how do they survive the cold up there? (We are still novices about all this!)

Abbi said...

Betsy, sorry I took so long in replying to comments! We are not planning on putting a heat lamp on them because we have them facing the south (the open side of the cage) and we are planning on fixing up a very insulated area where they can stay warm. We aren't planning on getting eggs during the winter either. If we wanted the mom to keep laying we would need to have a heat lamp. By the way I am no expert either but I just ask Dad (or Mom) when I have any questions.

martha said...

What a cute picture!


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