Wednesday, October 8, 2008

WFMW ~ getting out ink and fruit stains

Last week Megan was wearing on of her outfits that I liked best and she decided to draw on it with an ink pen (Naughty girl!) not only did she do that but we also were out at my parents working on grapes and she squished some up against herself and she had this large purple splotch on it. I felt really bad about it but we had a very busy day (it was Mara's birthday) and I didn't get around to do anything about it until that night. But guess what?! The jumper is now stain free. Here is what I did:
For ink stains I learned a long time ago that rubbing alcohol will take them out or if you don't have that (which I don't at the time) you can use a bit of hairspray instead. It worked wonderfully.
For the Grape stains I remembered that Mom had soaked fruit stains in a watered down milk solution. I wasn't sure if it would work but I decided to try it overnight. The next morning it wasn't all gone but it was much much lighter. I decided to rub it with a little bar soap and then threw it in my load of wash. I thought there would probably be a tiny stain left but there isn't! I was so excited.
That is what works for me this week! For more Works for Me Wednesday tips go to Rocks in my Dryer.


Katie said...

Cool! Thanks for the tip! You wouldn't believe how many outfits Adele has destroyed with markers! I knew rubbing alcohol worked on tables and stuff, but had never thought of rubbing it into clothing. The kids eat alot of fresh fruit in the summer, strawberries and cherries, and grapes and are always getting fruit stains on their clothes. I have always treated it with a little vinegar before I throw it in the wash. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't so I will also keep you second tip in mind!

Crayl said...

Great tips, thanks. Grape can be hard, I had never heard the milk solution. said...

Wow, This is good news for sure. With two boys, I can use this tip.

Thanks for sharing!
Love your blog!

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See ya there!

martha said...

I love that jumper too!

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