Thursday, October 16, 2008

New underwear from Old T-shirts

A project I have had fun with lately that is both green and thrifty is making underwear for Megan. I am currently working at potty training Megan and that sort of undertaking (especially at first) requires quite a few pairs of underwear. I thought about going out and buying some (she already had a few pairs) and then I thought "Why?" I have a bunch of t-shirts to use for projects that would work perfectly to make underwear out of and I also had been given quite a bit of elastic that would work. So here is what I did:

1. I took a pair of panties that she already had and made a pattern (carefully add seam allowances). 2. Cut out a front and a back.
3. Then add any "pretties" that you want on the front.

4. Using zig zag sew a very narrow stitch at the crotch.
5. Then take another piece of fabric and lay it on the inside (covering up the seam). Zig zag in place.
6. Trim the crotch fabric to the right size.

7. Sew elastic on the leg holes. I secure the elastic at one end and then stretch it out while sewing it one the fabric. Lay the elastic on the right side of the fabric and use a zig zag stitch.
This is what it looks like with the elastic on both legs.

8. Sew one side seam. have only 1/2 inch or less seam allowance.

9. Put elastic on waist the same way you did on the legs.

10. Sew other side seam.

Tada! You are all done. This is a very quick project and fun because you are using up something that would have otherwise been discarded and it makes something useful. So far I have only made some for Megan but I think I am going to do it for anybody else that needs some too. I am thinking I could make boxers for the boys. These might also make good birthday presents for my sister Keren. (Don't you think so Keren?)

For more Thrifty Green tips visit Green Baby Guide.


All in a Day said...


Rebecca said...

How resourceful! I am not sure I have the sewing skills to make my own underwear. I have a hard time sewing in a straight line, let alone a curved one. Those turned out so well! Did your daughter like them?

Keren said...

Abbi!! Goodness.

Linda said...

I think I still have patterns from Ula for when you girls and my girls were little. I think your mom made some with me.

Anonymous said...

Those do really make me think of the ones I got for my birthday each year from Ula. Anna

martha said...

You know, I don't think Keren did get any of the ones from Ula so you better make some for her birthday. ;D

All in a Day said...

You guys are too funny! Keren should have gotten some from Ula because Tracy got a pair!!! :)

Keren said...

I did get a couple from Ula. :)

MrsMoney said...

Wow, that's awesome!! And they are really cute too! Great job.

In The Potter's Hands said...

I got a good laugh at your comment to Keren and her's back! They did turn out cute, you are quite resourceful Abbi. I think I have some t-shirts I can send you for Keren's. LOL Thanks for the good laugh today.


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