Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Megan's Hair

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

My tackle for today (one of them anyway!) was cutting Megan's hair. I liked her hair the way it was as long as she would keep her barrette or pony tail holder in but the problem was that she would for a while and then out it would come (like in the middle of church, etc.) and then she was left with hair falling in her eyes and she would be constantly brushing it out of her way. She was tired of hair in her eyes, I was tired of it and Grandma (My mom) was too. SO... I decided to cut it.

This is the before picture:

And a couple of after pictures:

I am not overly thrilled with the way it ended up (I think she looks a bit like a child from the 80's - think me when I was little) but it does do the job it was intended to do, it keeps the hair out of her eyes. AND she is quite happy with it. She has been talking about a haircut for a while (when she has a scissors in HER hands). Maybe someday after lots more practice I will be really good at cutting hair. :-) Or maybe I'll learn to ask my sister to do it for me!


Gray Matters said...

You did a very nice job - she looks so cute!

Jen said...

I think you did a very nice job. My daughter has been asking me to do her hair. I do my Husband and my son's hair but that is just with the clippers. Maybe I'll tackle it tomorrow??? we will see.

BarbaraLee said...

It looks cute.

Anonymous said...

I think she looks sweet, Abbi, and oh, so much more comfortable. You did a good job. mom

All in a Day said...

Nice job. I think it makes her look more like Margaret. :)

martha said...

I like to have my sister do it, Or my husband!


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