Friday, October 17, 2008

A fun week for us Politically

We have had a fun week as far as getting to meet various people in politics. It has been a great learning experience for the kids as we have been able to not just talk about our leaders but actually meet some of them.
On Monday our Governor, Tim Pawlenty came to Bemidji. We went to see him and listened to about an hour long discussion (With him and other house candidates or people that are already a member of the house speaking and taking questions). I found it to be very informative. We all (except Aaron) had the opportunity to shake his hand as well.

Last night was an exciting night for Bemidji because Todd Palin came to town. As far as we know a president, V.P. or any of their spouses or anybody running for those offices have not come to town since when Eleanor Roosevelt did in 1955. A huge crowd showed up last night and it was fun to see so many people that were supporters of McCain - Palin. There were also some protesters which made the whole event more interesting. Todd only spoke a little bit and then we all got to go and shake his hand. Ken and I tried to get pictures of us shaking his hand but it was to crowded and we had to go to fast. Oh well. :-)

Last week we also got to see Senator Coleman again. He is also planning on coming again next week. This picture is actually from a month or so ago but we just got it e-mailed to us.

It is quite fun for me to hear the kids talk about our elected leaders as though they know them personally, I hope they will have a great understanding of how it all works and will be great citizens of our great country (But even more devoted followers of Christ Jesus!) when they grow up.

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