Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Busy, Busy times!

 The last 7 days have been some of the busiest I ever remember. All the reasons for being busy have been wonderful and fun but when but together they can leave you feeling a bit tired (and not having any time to do any blogging).

  Some of our activities of the last 7 days have been:

~Discovering my bees had filled up their boxes and I didn't have any more to put on. Something needed to be done but I wasn't prepared for that. I will tell you later how my Brother and Dad majorly helped out and our experiences. (And of staying up late at night while getting extremely sticky!)

~Spending time visiting with my visiting brother and his family. (Going berry picking together.)

~My garden is overflowing with produce and weeds!
 ~Doing flowers for a clients wedding here in our town.

~Traveling 6 hours south to attend my little brother's wedding. (And doing flowers for that.)

 It was a fun outdoor wedding with all sorts of personal touches. I had fun helping out by making the guys unique ties (my brother gave me instructions), a table runner for people to sign and pinwheels for the girls hair and the guys shirts.

 Here is all my family except one brother-in-law. (My grandparents on my Mom's side are also in this picture.)
 ~Enjoying an evening with a bunch of old friends after the wedding on Saturday.
 ~Going to the wedding, in yet another town, of a daughter of some of our Friends on Sunday. (And doing flowers for that.)
~Coming home and working hard to get all of our stuff ready to enter at the fair. We dropped them off today and are feeling like doing some relaxing!

I think I might relax by cleaning my super messy house, weeding my garden and canning beans. :-)


Becky R said...

Why is it when a mom says it will be a relaxing day it also means cleaning. I say that about our Sundays, but my house also needs to get clean on that day (since I have daycare kids Mon.-Sat. in my home.)

Hope you get a few minutes to sit and read or put your feet up.

Jackie said...

Wow! You have been super busy. I hope things settle down a little bit for you soon. I love all of the wedding flowers and pictures you shared. What a great talent. Take care.


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