Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tidbits from my Brain

   I have had a lot going through my brain lately and I was having trouble figuring out what to blog about so I just decided to share some of the bits and pieces of thoughts I have been having.

~~~~~~~ I have been thinking about Finances/Stewardship. Yesterday I bought myself a brand new bike from a bike shop. We were needing another bike for our family and Ken decided that I could get a new one and Jonathan could then use my old one (at least for the time being). We have gotten pretty burnt out on cheap bikes from places like Walmart so we decided to buy a more quality one this time. I have spent quite a lot of time looking and asking around (in person and online), reading reviews and comparing products and prices. For me the idea of spending $400 for a bike isn't easy but after research it seemed like the right choice. As we were making that decision I was thinking about the many ways that we work to spend less- rarely eating out, making our own laundry soap, reusing things rather than buying new, etc. and I just reminded myself that the reason we are extra careful in many areas is so that we can use the money God has blessed us with in areas that matter to us. Biking is a very fun and useful activity for our family and so it is worth carefully spending money in that area since are able to.  God really has been blessing us by giving Ken and I both thriving businesses. Ken's very adequately provides for our needs and my small part time floral business has been able to provide extras. It is our goal to use what we have well on things that matter to us and be able to contribute to causes that matter to us as well. Giving to others is something I still want to grow much more in but I am thankful for the opportunities God has given us so far.

~~~~~~~~I have been thinking about Marriage. I have been feeling very thankful for the husband that I have and really enjoying the relationship that we share. I have also been realizing the need to always work towards having an even better marriage. Marriage is something given by God and it is until death. During our time here on earth together we should make the very most of our time together. I encourage all of you as well to work hard to have the very best marriage that you can possibly have! Sharing together as best Friends and lovers. Some of the things that have inspired me lately to keep working on having a great marriage are: The Truth Project (Lesson 7, I believe), It is a video series and there was a wonderful lesson that really encouraged married people to live the way God intended. I have also been blessed by recently reading through Song of Solomon and the Magazine "Above Rubies".

~~~~~~I have been thinking about Homeschooling. We plan on starting our official school year on September 6th. I ordered (just in time!) Math books for Mara and Aaron which were the last books that we needed. I have been thinking about how we can learn what we need to while keeping it fun and interesting, learning together and not getting overwhelmed. I am excited for the new year to begin! This year all of my kids will officially (I say officially because the truth is we are always learning no matter the age or the time of year) be students. Megan is 5 and will be doing some simple books and maybe learning to read too.

~~~~~~~I have been thinking about Simplicity and Organization. I am in a continual process of trying to live with less. Not buy new if I can help it but rather use what we have. We are trying to go through things and get stuff organized. I am trying to figure out ways and motivate myself to work ahead of schedule and not put things off to the last minute. This doesn't come naturally to me so I am working on it.

~~~~~~I have been thinking about Hospitality. About how fun it is, how I want to do it more and how I could be better at it. Hospitality is a way that I think God can really use Christians if they are willing to give of their time and lives to others.

~~~~~~~I have been thinking about how very blessed we are! Our garden is busily producing, the bees are making honey just as fast as they can, we have so very much more than we need, the weather is beautiful, we got to enjoy beautiful music by Brass in Blue, I found nice new shoes for Jonathan for only $4 and we are a healthy and happy family. All of this is from God and I am incredibly grateful!

What have you been thinking about?


SunshineofAutumnQuilts said...

I love today's post. I have alot of those same thoughts lately- minus the homeschooling as mine do go to public school. We have been working hard on our marriage and home lately. I found a great online book today- meaning you have to purchase the kindle/download version- maybe this will guide you some. I am just starting today.

Nola said...

I've been thinking about getting into fall routines, how to manage pregnancy sickness plus 2 kids, how to have joy and contentment no matter what the circumstances are. I've also been thinking about how I can get my oldest involved more in chores and such and learning even more how to help. So far that is going really well and she is eager to learn and help (I'm thinking about how to train her better to help before the baby comes!) :)

Oh I wanted to add that I have had a $400 bike for 18 years now and its still in good shape. I don't use it as much as I used to but I used to ride it to school back in those days and then to work and to sports practices (30 minutes each way for each of those) as a teen and then later for long day trips, and now around town (although not as much during this baby/pregnancy/kids stages). Its been worth it to me to have that bike and was worth all that money back then since its still going strong. I think you will be happy with your bike for how you use it and with all the research you did. Some things are worth the money!

Bonnie Williams said...

Good post, Abbi. Important topics to think about and work on!

Sheila said...

There is such a HUGE difference between cheap bikes and bik shop bikes! As long as it's something you use (and you do), and it doesn't take away from food on the table (which it didn't), it is a great use of $400! That is exactly what being a good steward of your money is. A beautiful post all in all.

Betsy said...

Thanks for blessing us with some of your bounty, Abbi! I sure am enjoying the raw honey you gave to us--yum!!


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