Monday, August 1, 2011

Our jungle garden

The jungle- Wild cucumber is growing all over the right hand corner.
 We came back from a week of vacation to find our garden had turned into a regular jungle! Many of the plants grew at least 2 feet (Corn, Tomatoes, Beans, Cucumbers and Weeds anyway!). There were weeds everywhere but we also discovered that the corn was tasseling, there were little zucchinis, a bunch of little peppers, tomatoes and tomatillas were looking good and the beans and peas were in desperate need of being picked.

 We even have a tomato that is almost ripe. There is plenty of basil to be made into pesto, The herbs are growing a lot and the onions are big! It is so fun to see just how much a garden can grow!

 We picked some of our beans today (maybe half) and got two gallons. I shared some with my parents and now I need to find time to can some as well.

 The bees have also been doing well. I haven't really checked in the hives since we got back (I wanted to today but when I had time it was sprinkling) but before we left on our trip I had needed to add 2 more honey supers (the boxes with frames) to Catnip Castle (one of our hives) since they already had 5 full. The other hive- Moonbeam Manor isn't doing as well and only has 3 supers on but I think we will be getting plenty of honey. I am actually out of supers now and I am pretty sure I will need more honey space for the big hive. I am trying to decide if I should make another super box (as I do have extra frames to go into it) or just go ahead and extract some honey (I still need to get an extractor!) and then put the emptied supers back on.

This evening we went out to my parents and picked around 2 gallons of raspberries. I am hoping we can avoid going grocery shopping this month and just make use of all the food the is growing so abundantly around us.
How is your garden growing?


SparingChange said...

We are having a rough time keeping our garden from being a jungle, but you have quite a bit of produce! Nothing like coming home to alot of work, but God's awesome provisions!

Anonymous said...

How great! My garden needs some attention too but its from me not having the energy (I am expecting). It keeps growing despite me! I need to pick my beans too. Might send my oldest out to do it for me.

Nola said...

Oops not sure why it came up Anonymous I must have forgot. That last comment was mine :)


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