Friday, May 17, 2013

A Jumper turned into a skirt

 This month has been a little busier than I anticipated and I haven't managed to blog about as many clothing remakes as I had hoped but here is one today and I hope to post about more soon. :-)

 I had a jumper that my sister had made for me when Mara was a baby. That was 13 years ago. Yes, I do keep clothes around for quite a while!
  The jumper was made from a blue and purple flannel which I found very comfortable and I think it is pretty. However I currently prefer skirts to jumpers. So.... I redid it.

The remake was really quite easy. I simply cut off most of the top. It was lined to all I had to do was to flip the raw edges to the inside and top stitch it closed. Then I just made a couple of darts in the front to make it fit me better.

The finished skirt is a very comfortable low waisted garment that is nice and long. I find it very comfortable and like it a lot.
 I am quite pleased to have yet again turned something from my closest into something I wear rarely to something that I will enjoy wearing.


Rachel E. said...

I'm glad you shared this. I bought a few jumpers for me this pregnancy, but don't wear them. I guess I discovered I just don't like them. :) So, I think skirts would be a great change for them.

Your's looks cute.

Jackie said...

What a great idea! I need to do that with a few dresses that I was just going to give away because I no longer enjoy wearing them. Thanks for the inspiration.


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