Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Spending time with others who encourage me in my marriage

 Those we choose as companions/friends truly do make a big difference in our lives. I was thinking about that in the context of marriage and realized how blessed I am to have a family, church family and many other friends who encourage me in my marriage. They expect me to strive for a godly marriage and their words and actions encourage me in that area.

  Most of the friends that I have are also striving to have godly marriages so we can encourage each other. It is so helpful when you and your friends/companions can work towards similar goals. Obviously there might be people in our lives who are not doing what is right, who are not striving for godly goals. Sometimes it is someone in our family or possibly co-workers or it may be friends. We do often still have to spend time with them and hopefully we can be a light to them but if at all possible we do need to have a physical support group of people who can encourage us and hold us accountable to do what is right.

   I hope you have that in your life or if you don't that you will search for a church family with people that will encourage you to do what is right.

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