Thursday, May 9, 2013

Avoiding some last minute forgetfulness

Today I have been doing some things to get ready for a graduation party for my Sister-in-law, Molly Bea (She is graduating from the University, ready to teach school). Anyway as I packed up the buns and other things that I made and took them out to the van I realized that getting things ready and putting them out in the van as soon as they were ready is something that I picked up from my Mom and something that has been quite helpful for avoiding last minute stress.

   Now I am still working to overcome my procrastinating tendencies but I am learning.

  When I need to take something somewhere it is so much nicer (when it works okay, sometimes a thing needs to be kept at a certain temperature and the van which is in the garage doesn't always happen to be at that temperature but many times it does work just fine) to just get it out to the van, so it is no longer in the way in the house, it is already to go and I can just forget about it until we get to that location.

  I love to be able to use this "trick" with stuff I need to use in the class I am teaching at church, things that need to be returned to my parents, whatever.

   Besides putting stuff out in the van I will also sometimes put notes out there. Things like "Pick up Lutefisk while in town" (There was only once that I wrote that note!) or "Ask so in so about such and such at church". You get the idea.

  Do you start loading your vehicle as soon as you have something ready to go? Do you have any tips for smooth departures? I always love to hear from you!

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Mrs. Chrissy T said...

I do too. I even have a medium basket in our trunk that holds different seasonal kids things. Like when we do baseball all their things go in there and stay there so we don't forget gloves, hats, and such. I also leave reusable shopping bags. Cool tip. Blessings.


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