Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Be a little Spontaneous!

Ken and I tend to stay up a bit late on the weekends. Anyway, the other day it was rather late (around midnight) and I had just gotten in bed and Ken was following me but went to make sure that all the doors were locked first. Then I heard him go outside for a bit and come back in. That made me a little curious. So when he got to our room I questioned him on what he had been doing and he proceeded to tell me how beautiful it was outside. It wasn't fully dark and there was this really neat mist.....

  I said "Oh it would be fun to take a walk in that" (though not really thinking about getting out of my warm and cozy bed to do that) and Ken responded, "Yes it would, be you're already in bed." I could tell he really did think that would be fun to do. He started towards getting ready for bed when I decided to be a little spontaneous and so I said "I can get up, let's go!"

  So we went on a walk. We didn't go that far (we had sleeping children in the house) but it was fun to go out and enjoy the beauty together. It was fun to do something that was rather unusual for us, fun to be a little spontaneous and make a memory.

  It can be very easy to just follow the same routines over and over (and I do love routines!) but sometimes it is good to shake things up just a bit. Do something a little different.

  Do you like to be spontaneous once and a while?

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Erin said...

What a fun little story! Thanks for sharing, Abbi.


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