Wednesday, May 15, 2013

SuSan's Heart

  Tonight I am reminded once again why I love having among our friends some that are mentally handicapped. They can teach us many things!

  Just a bit ago after getting home from church my friend SuSan called, crying. She had just heard that a friend's Dad (who she said was either 98 or 89 - so I am presuming he had lived a full life) had died and was feeling really bad about the whole situation. "Would I please pray for them?" "Would I have my kids pray too?"

  I said that yes I would pray and proceeded to try to share some comforting words.

  After getting off the phone I shared what she had said with the kids. We were talking about how hard she takes things like this and one of the kids wondered why people told her about all these problems when it so obviously bothers her. But then we thought about how SuSan announces all these problems at church and how she calls around to a bunch of us whenever something she thinks is serious comes up and she asks us to pray too and how she prays "every night" for them. We thought about how those people might really appreciate her heart for praying and having others pray.

  We thought about how SuSan in her simple way might really be more of a light in our community than most of us with our more reserved and normal ways. Jonathan mentioned how we sometimes find it a little funny how SuSan goes on and on about the problems of people that she doesn't even know (her co-worker's sister's husband's mom for example) but he too when thinking of it was able to see a little bit into her heart for those that are hurting and wanted to be a little more like her in that way.

 We did have a smile thinking of all the co-workers that we hear about and wondered just who all she might consider co-workers and Mara suggested that maybe SuSan has the same idea about co-workers that Jesus had about Neighbors.

  Whether neighbors or coworkers I hope that I can share SuSan's and Jesus' concern for others. I hope my children will learn that as well.

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Ashley said...

I love seeing those little glimpses into how God places people in our lives (and places us in others' lives) to teach us and benefit us. When we pay attention, we learn so much!

April said...

What love for people SuSan has. If only everyone could have that kind of heart. :)

Rebecca said...

LOving others - true fellowship - sounds like SuSan is on the path Christ wants all of us on. Thank you for sharing this at Ultimate Moms - this is truly and Ultimate Mom - you and SuSan both!


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