Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Creatively Re-purposing Salt Tubs {Week 3}

Are you ready for some more re-purposing?

My project this week uses a salt tub but when you are done you still have the salt tub to use for something else. Because with this project we simply use the salt tub as a form to help us make a basket.

To make this basket I used some plastic strapping that comes around boxes (I get it on all the floral boxes that come to my business) and I also used the seam areas of some jeans that I had cut up. You can use whatever you have on hand. There are lots of different things that will work to make baskets. Once when I was using this method I used newspaper folded up into strips. So be creative!

  I cut some of the straps (I ended up using 10) long enough to go down the side, over the bottom and up the other side. I then used a rubberband to hold them in place like that. Above you see I have 3 lined up and held on.
 I ended up with 5 lined up and held on with the rubberband and then I wove in 5 more going the other way. When they are held with the rubberband I find it is much easier to keep them where they are supposed to be. I would say this method is great for a novice basket maker - somebody already experienced might not need it.

 After I had the 10 strips of strapping in place I then started weaving the jean seams through. I hot glued it in place where I started.
 Just keep on weaving, when you run out you can glue on another section.
 Since there is an even number (10) of spokes going up each time you go around you will need to skip one extra spoke so that you will be able to continue with the basket weave. So photo above to see how that is done.
 When I got near the top and took it off of the salt tub and then hot glued a piece of denim seam to the outside of all the spokes.
 Then I cut the spokes off flush.
 Next I glued a seam across for a handle and then another seam around the inside on top to hold everything together.

This basket is pretty sturdy and makes a cute little basket for collecting mushrooms, picking berries, gathering little treasures or whatever you want!

 Have you ever made a basket? What sort of things do you like to make baskets from? Have you ever used a form to help make your basket?

 There are many other forms you can use to make baskets: Buckets, boxes - whatever is the size of basket that you would like.

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