Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Creatively Re-purposing Salt Tubs {Week Four}

   You remember my big salt tub collection? The one that I wanted to use up? I figured out how to use up a bunch of them this Sunday. We made baskets in my Sunday School class - using, of course, salt tubs. Yea!
 We have been learning about the Fruit of the Spirit and we were talking about patience this week. I figured it would be good to have some craft or activity that required patience and I thought making a basket might do the trick.

I actually made the basket making very simple but it did indeed still require plenty of patience for 3-5 year olds to turn it into a basket.  To make them we cut the tops off and pulled off the paper. Then a used an exacto knife to cut out slits, big enough to make weaving pretty simple. We cut strips of wallpaper to weave through. Then we made handles by adding on some ribbon.

 They aren't fancy or truly works of art but they worked well for a craft and after we finished we made paper fruit labeled with the Fruits of the Spirit to go inside.

What are other ways that we can use up salt tubs?.....

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