Friday, July 18, 2014

Food Harvesting Report

 Here is what we harvested and ate this past week:
July 11th- Mara made yummy cookies with cattail pollen in them.

 July 12th -The Blueberries are getting ripe!
I picked some violet leaves and wild mint to add to my pita.
 It tasted pretty good!
 We have lots of Dewberries on our property.
July 13th -Pineapple weed made a yummy tea before bed.

July 14th - I totally forgot about harvesting in my goal to get lots done while the kids were off to camp. I didn't do any cooking that day as we ate leftovers.
 July 15th - I found some puffball mushrooms out in our yard.

 I thinned out the little cabbage plants and took some of the plants in to eat. I also gathered purslane.
 I took some old day-lily buds from the plant.

I fried up the mushrooms and day-lily buds along with a little hamburger. Then I mixed that with the other greens chopped up.

It all went into a pita. Yummy!
 I also found quite a few strawberries in our patch which Ken and I had for supper.
 July 16th- I harvested a few onions to use both white and green.
 I mixed that in with steak which made for a good supper.
 July 17th - More blueberries. I need to find time to do some dedicated picking soon!
 July 18th - Tonight we had some pretty yummy Quesadillas if I do say so myself. I harvested purslane, lambs quarter and green onions. I used 1/3 part the greens I mentioned, 1/3 part leftover steak pieces from Wednesday and 1/3 part cheese and put that in the homemade tortillas and fried them in oil.
 With salsa and sour cream it made a very delightful supper! It was a GREAT way to use wild greens. Ken didn't even notice them.

That was some of the yummy things we have been harvested and eating lately. How about you?

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