Saturday, July 5, 2014

Home Sweet Home {Getting Our Land Ready for Living There}

 I mentioned last week that we have a buyer for our house.The sale is now pending with a closing date set for August 22nd if all goes well. We hope and pray that it will. When we close on the house we will need a place to live so we are busy getting that ready.

This weekend was another one of working out at the land. The cement pad for the detached garage was poured on Monday (by professionals). Friday we used it for our work surface. Before long it will be our living area as the plan is that we will camp out in the garage while the house goes up.

  It should be an adventure. We will be putting electricity in our garage and intend to to drill a well so that we have water but the water will not be running water in the garage. That means no typical shower, no kitchen sink and no flushing toilets.
  So one of our first projects was to make an outhouse. As of tonight it is nearly done but we still need to have the door, shingles, siding and venting.

  For the shower I have read up on how to make some good camp showers and have all the parts I need, I just need to get the job done.
 Today my older brother and his family came over to help. Their daughter Jaten loved playing with my kids in the dirt. :-)
 Peter builds log homes for a living and so is quite experienced in building. It was lovely to have his assistance in framing up the garage.
 Ken and Aaron cutting a board for the outhouse.
 Holly helped with the building too.
 The walls are going up!
 Getting the framed sections up was a group effort!
Jonathan wasn't feeling to good but still managed to help out a lot. He does enjoy using tools and building. It is interesting to imagine how this structure will look as our temporary house.

 That is what is going on with our property and now I am very tired and ready to head to bed. Goodnight!

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